Software for the simulation of electronic and optoelectronic semiconductor nanodevices

We develop powerful tools for the simulation of nanostructures.

Applications include nanotransistors, LEDs, laser diodes, quantum dots, nanowires, quantum cascade lasers, HEMTs, infrared detectors and solar cells.

Due to the continuing scaling of semiconductor electronics, quantum physical effects are gaining importance and fundamentally challenge industry with respect to simulation and design. Our unique selling proposition is an advanced physical method for the calculation of the quantum mechanical properties of an arbitrary combination of geometries and materials.

DGKK 2018

DGKK Workshop - Epitaxy of III-V Semiconductors

nextnano is sponsor of the 33rd Workshop "Epitaxy of III-V Semiconductors" of the German Society of Crystallography and Crystal Growth (DGKK) in Paderborn, Germany. We are looking forward to informing you at out booth at the industry exhibition about our software for simulating semiconductor heterostructures grown by epitaxy.

Organizer: University of Paderborn
when: Th, 2018-Dec-06 - Fr, 2018-Dec-07
where: Paderborn, Germany

DPG Tagung

DPG-Frühjahrstagung 2019

DPG Spring Meeting 2019, Regensburg, Germany

nextnano will be exhibiting at the DPG Spring Meeting 2019 in Regensburg, Germany, on April 02-04, 2019. We are looking forward to meeting you there!

Organizer: Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft e.V. (German Physical Society)
when: Tu, 2019-Apr-02 - Th, 2019-Apr-04
where: University of Regensburg, Germany

CEO T-shaped wire

Download of tutorials

NEWS | 2016-July-22

You can now directly download our tutorial input files.

nextnanomat screenshot RTD

Update available

NEWS | 2015-Aug-08
A new nextnano update has been released: Version


Single electron transistor

New Tutorials

  • AlGaN/GaN FET
    Two-dimensional electron gas in an AlGaN/GaN field effect transistor
  • Core-Shell Nanowire
    Schrödinger equation of a two-dimensional core-shell structure and
    Hexagonal 2DEG - Two-dimensional electron gas in a delta-doped hexagonal shaped GaAs/AlGaAs nanowire heterostructure
  • Si/SiGe MODQW
    Si/SiGe Modulation Doped Quantum Well
  • Download tutorial input files

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New EU project!

NEWS | 2017-Dec-14
The newsletter of the Bavarian Cluster Nanotechnology reports about our new EU project FLASH.
Company profile / Mitgliedsporträt nextnano GmbH (in German)


Test nextnano.QCL!

NEWS | 2016-Aug-02


Electron density of a QCL
Our new nextnano.QCL code for quantum cascade lasers is available for testing. (Version 2018-10-31)


Test nextnano.MSB!

NEWS | 2018-Mar-03


Gain of a QCL
Our new nextnano.MSB code for quantum cascade lasers is available for testing. (Version 2017-02-07)