Email policy

“Why don't I get an answer when I write to support [at]”

Email policy

Dear Sir/Madam,

please understand that we do not reply to email inquiries that

  • are from anonymous email accounts (yahoo, gmail, ...) and where no institutional affiliation is mentioned or
  • expect us to do their PhD research work for them or
  • are impolite.

We are very happy – and have done so in the past – to reply to all other email enquiries.

Please keep in mind that our time available for support is not unlimited. Thus it helps us substantially if you can properly formulate your problem. In case of errors, we ask you to attach

  • your input file (*.in) and your log file (*.log).
    You can find them in the output folder of your simulation. We need this in order to be able to reproduce your error or results.
  • If appropriate, a screenshot of your structure or results is very convenient for us in order to quickly understand your actual problem.

We appreciate your understanding.

The nextnano support team.