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This mailing list is not actively used and we will discontinue it at some point.

Instead, we recommend registering for our Yammer network for purposes such as asking or answering questions within the community of nextnano users.

Mailing list

A mailing list is available where nextnano users can ask questions, and nextnano users can answer questions. The nextnano support team is also answering questions.

This list is also used by the nextnano support team to distribute information on new updates, new features, new material parameters, new tutorials or any other information that is useful to the nextnano community.


To subscribe to the nextnano user support mailing list, send an email to usersupport-subscribe [at]
Please use an email address like e.g. where your name and your affiliation will be clearly visible. Anonymous email accounts will not have access to this mailing list.

After subscribing you will receive an email where you have to confirm your registration.


Unsubscribe from user support mailing list

To unsubscribe from the nextnano user support mailing list, send an email to usersupport-unsubscribe [at]


Post or reply to the mailing list

To post a question or answer a question, just send an email to the nextnano user support mailing list:
usersupport [at] (Note: Top level domain '.eu' is required.)


More details and netiquette

This is a moderated list. The moderator ensures that no spam-like or annoying enquiries will be distributed to the mailing list subscribers. It is important to use a meaningful subject in your post/reply. It is allowed to ask stupid questions. However, if the question is stupid, we request you to formulate your request politely and in readable English. If the moderator perceives your post to be inappropriate, he will ask you to reformulate your request. The idea is to have a high quality mailing list in terms of questions and answers. If a nextnano user support mailing list subscriber turns out to be very knowledgeable and helpful to other users, we reward this by also providing excellent support to him. Alternatively, you can also write directly to support [at]