Support Ticket

Can we help you? Yes, we can!


If you have any questions regarding nextnano, please don’t hesitate to contact us using one of three methods listed below. In each method you will need to use your email address. Please do not use your private email for correspondence with us, as we won’t be able to verify you. To get the quickest response, you should use the email which you used for activation of your current license.

Individual support

Here we explain how to generate a Support Ticket.

  1. nextnano Support Help Center

    The best method is to use our nextnano support Help Center, powered by Jira Service Desk. It requires you to create an account, which will allow you to have a very convenient access to all your conversations with us. It also allows us to segregate all issues raised by you and to clearly see what has already been solved. This way we will never miss your request.

  2. “Need help” Widget

    Another method would be using the “Need help” widget at the right lower corner of this website. It is also a very good method if you use it only to begin a new request rather than answering to a previous support ticket. Further communication related to your question will be held via an email exchange. For each new request you should use the widget again.

  3. Email

    If the two methods above are not your choice after all, then you can send an email to support [at] We strongly encourage to use it only as the last resort because it is problematic regarding attachments. Here, to raise a new support request you should send a separate email rather than replying to a previous support ticket email which has an unrelated ticket number and topic. Information exchange related to one topic should be done by replying to the received emails with the Subject containing “[JIRA] (NN-1234)” where “1234” is your ticket number.

Within a few minutes you will receive an automatic email confirmation that we received your request. It is possible that this email confirmation and further support emails from us will show up in your SPAM folder.


In some cases, our customers decide to ask for help by sending emails directly to our team members. This should happen only due to confidentiality of the communication.

Please be also aware, that using this communication channel without a proper reason may appear, overall, disadvantageous for you, as such help requests are always addressed only by the recipient, which may be a source of delaying the answer. Sending nonconfidential help requests by raising a Support Ticket is the safest and the most efficient way of communication with us. Our Support Ticket system allows us to share your requests among our team members easily and, if necessary, address them in a comprehensive way, involving multiple specialists.

Please, do not send your support requests directly to nextnano team members unless it is necessary.

Email policy

Please consider our email policy (netiquette) when writing to us.