3. FAQ - Licensing

3.1. Which types of licenses exist?

There are three types of licenses:
  • University license

  • Government institution license

  • Company license

3.2. How many people can use the software simultaneously?

  • A University license and a Government institution license are issued to a particular research group (e.g. a professor or group leader) and can be used by all group members simultaneously.

  • A Company license applies to a single and named user or a single-PC.

The university and government institution licenses can be used on several computers simultaneously. A university license includes 15 computers, a government institution license includes 10 computers.

The license is an annual license. After the license has expired, no further simulations can be done. Visualization of previous results of calculations is still possible.

If a user has a valid license, this license can also be installed on a private computer.

3.3. Which license do I need for Cluster computing

Any computer that has the free HTCondor software installed can be connected to a licensed computer. There is no need to activate a license for these computers or install nextnano on them. They can be used to execute a batch list of nextnano simulations.