nextnano.NEGF Tutorials

Here we describe several example input files.



  • Terahertz quantum cascade lasers operating up to ~200 K with optimized oscillator strength and improved injection tunneling
    S. Fathololoumi, E. Dupont, C.W.I. Chan, Z.R. Wasilewski, S.R. Laframboise, D. Ban, A. Mátyás, C. Jirauschek, Q. Hu, H. C. Liu
    Optics Express 20, 3866 (2012)
  • GaAs/Al0.15Ga0.85As terahertz quantum cascade lasers with double-phonon resonant depopulation operating up to 172 K
    R. W. Adams, K. Vijayraghavan, Q. J. Wang, J. Fan, F. Capasso, S. P. Khanna, A. G. Davies, E. H. Linfield, M. A. Belkin
    Applied Physics Letters 97, 13111 (2010)
  • Influence of doping on the performance of terahertz quantum-cascade lasers
    A. Benz, G. Fasching, A. M. Andrews, M. Martl, K. Unterrainer, T. Roch, W. Schrenk, S. Golka, G. Strasser
    Applied Physics Letters 90, 101107 (2007)
  • 1.9 THz quantum-cascade lasers with one-well injector
    S. Kumar, B. S. Williams, Q. Hu
    Applied Physics Letters 88, 121123 (2006)
  • Far-infrared (\(\lambda\simeq 87 \mu m\)) bound-to-continuum quantum-cascade lasers operating up to 90 K
    G. Scalari, L. Ajili, J. Faist, H. Beere, E. Linfield, D. Ritchie, G. Davies
    Applied Physics Letters 82, 3165 (2003)
  • Broadband THz lasing from a photon-phonon quantum cascade structure
    G. Scalari, M. I. Amanti, C. Walther, R. Terazzi, M. Beck, J. Faist
    Optics Express 18, 8043 (2010)


  • High performance InGaAs/GaAsSb terahertz quantum cascade lasers operating up to 142 K
    C. Deutsch, M. Krall, M. Brandstetter, H. Detz, A. M. Andrews, P. Klang, W. Schrenk, G. Strasser, K. Unterrainer
    Applied Physics Letters 101, 211117 (2012)



  • Injector doping level-dependent continuous-wave operation of InP-based QCLs at \(\lambda = 7.3 \mu m\) above room temperature
    J. S. Yu, S. Slivken, M. Razeghi
    Semiconductor Science and Technology 25, 125015 (2010)


  • 300 K operation of a GaAs-based quantum-cascade laser at \(\lambda\simeq 9 \mu m\)
    H. Page, C. Becker, A. Robertson, G. Glastre, V. Ortiz, C. Sirtori
    Applied Physics Letters 78, 3529 (2001)